CeeDee Lamb's acrobatic catch and run gives Cowboys first touchdown

Credit : Google

Author - joshai

CeeDee Lamb believed he scored a toe-tapping touchdown this week when he played the New York Giants and then he saw the official's call-stand after a Dallas Cowboys' challenge. 

The Cowboys in their second game to beat the Indianapolis Colts, Lamb was not denied, this time with an interception of 20 yards from Dak Prescott.

Shortly after the first down Lamb was able to roll over Colts Safety Rodney McLeod, placed his left hand down to prevent his knees from getting away from the grass 

And then sprinted towards the goal line and smashed Isaiah Rodgers to the edge to score the Cowboys their first score. 

At the very least, two Colts defensive players slowed down the play, thinking Lamb was down, however, Lamb was able to continue with no whistle-blowing. 

The fourth quarter of last week Lamb was seen to put both feet down in the fourth quarter of last week's Prescott pass however, the referee Scott Novak said Lamb's heel was outside of boundaries. 

"Man, they killed me with that one," Lamb declared. "I needed that touchdown."