Can heavily penalized Dallas Cowboys play smart AND instinctually?

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Author - joshai

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most successful players in the NFL. With an 8-3 record 

Dallas currently has the second-highest opportunity to be the second-best team in football to win the Super Bowl (per FiveThirtyEight). It doesn't mean everything is perfect at the moment in Cowboys Country, though. 

It is Dallas Cowboys are also the second most penalized team in the NFL. The team has 83 flags against them, which are more than the NFC East first place team, 

Philadelphia Eagles, and is the main reason Dallas has suffered the three losses they've had this season. 

The Dallas Cowboys currently have the sixth-ranked defense overall in the NFL. They rank the second-best pass defense, and 24th for rush defense 

Since Dak Prescott returned in Week 7 of the season, the Cowboys offense is ranked 4th all-time (3rd for passing and 6th in rush EPA). 

They're explosive off the snap and dominate in run rushing and pass blocking. It's not surprising that their two strengths match their penetrating and aggressive style of play