Cade McNamara Shares Honest Thoughts On Michigan Quarterback Battle After Transfer

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Author - joshai

Cade McNamara's stint at Michigan ended with a bittersweet end. While the Wolverines have had a great run this year 

he lost his spot as the team's starting quarterback at the expense of J.J. McCarthy. 

While appearing on "The Room" podcast McNamara discussed Michigan's quarterback fight.

"So on the day that I am voted captain-coach, Harbaugh told members of the squad that Michigan is home to two quarterbacks. I'll be playing in the first as well J.J. has the second game," McNamara said 

"First game, I'm fairly decent. And then J.J. goes in against Hawaii and does really well. I'll say that. 

Then Harbaugh determined following the match to decide that J.J. was gonna be the first starter."

McNamara said he's had a lot of positives and negatives during the past 12 months. "It's likely, certainly been my most low and highest in the span of 12 months," McNamara added.