Bob Odenkirk Rumored to Be Up for Secret Marvel Role in Wonder Man

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

Breaking Badand Better Call Saulstar Bob Odenkirk is believed to be in contention for a part on Mavel's Wonder Man series on Disney+.  

As with other Marvel Studios castings, who Odenkirk will play on Wonder Man is not yet known. Sources who are close to Illuminerdi have claimed that Odenkirk is a candidate for the role of manager of Simon Williams 

Aka Wonder Man. The distinctive twist in Wonder Man's tale is that he's not just an action hero, but also an actor whose fame grows through the ranks of super-powered actors. 

The other interesting aspect could be it's the case that Wonder Man has been both hero and villain in Marvel mythology - and he's survived and been revived and resurrected 

which is an important aspect of the story. With all that being said it's possible to find somebody  

similar to Bob Odenkirk - who is well-known for his portrayal of a corrupt lawyer - could be an excellent choice to play Wonder Man. 

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