Aaron Carter’s friend details scene of singer’s death, final day

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

The long-time friend of Aaron Carter spoke out about what he witnessed at the house of the late singer the day that his body was found. 

Gary Madatyan and Carter's on-again ex-fiancee, Melanie Martin, walked through the house after the police cleared them to see an unsettling scene.

After they had removed their body out of the home and allowed only some people inside the house. 

We were just looking to enter the house to see if there was any alcohol, blood or other substance was found in the home," Madatyan told "Entertainment Tonight" Monday 

I returned to my room. There was nothing unusual about the room," he continued. "I went to the bathroom where the bathtub was full of water, like, yellowish color 

Madatyan has also revealed to the media Madatyan also told the outlet that he had seen aerosol bottles in Carter's house and, while he said that"Aaron's Party "Aaron's Party"  

crooner had issues with puffing, Madatyan added that he did not personally witness Carter perform the act before, until he shared it on Instagram.