Aaron Carter had ‘an obsession’ with brother Nick, friend claim

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Author - joshai

Aaron Carter had an unhealthy "obsession" with his elder brother, Nick Carter, and was "crying out" for his affection for many years, the tragic star's friend revealed 

Gary Madatyan -- a longtime acquaintance of "I'm all about the You" artist -- said Aaron often spoke about fixing relationships with the 

Backstreet Boys singer, all the way to his sudden deathin the tub at his home on a Saturday 

Madatyan also claimed that Aaron's mental illness was putting immense stress on his relationships with his family as well as his fiance 

Melanie Martin. But, he was determined to apologize to those he caused harm to 

I would have liked to see him had a little more to offer as a blood relative of Aaron," Madatyan said about Nick. "I'm not trying to judge Nick 

It's not my intention to say anything negative since I admire him. He's an artist of great talent. I love him, however, Aaron was obsessed with his brother