6 Cowboys lessons learned from the Thanksgiving win over the Giant

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

There's an old phrase that says you can learn from failure than you do from winning. In the NFL this could be a risky proposition considering the significance of each game 

However, a game in which the team is struggling but wins can teach important lessons. This is what happened to players of the Dallas Cowboys in their 28-20 win over New York Giants on Thanksgiving 

It was a vast improvement from the brutal beating Dallas gave against their Minnesota Vikings and gave us a lot to learn while enjoying a record that improved to 8-3. Here are some highlights that are notable. 

Although there were a number of offensive stars on the field The most notable contribution could have been made by the running back Ezekiel Elliott.  

He racked up 92 yards in 16 carries to get 5.8 yards per carry and an interception. 

However, that's not including the final offensive game for the Cowboys in which they played cautiously, with a lead of 15 points and mostly looking to take all the time they could. 

In that game, Elliott had four carries with just eight yards. Prior to that, he racked up an impressive 86 yards with only 12 carries, which is an astonishing 7.2 yards per run