$4M Mega Millions ticket sold in Murphysboro

Credit : getty images

Author - joshai

One person holds a lucky lottery ticket that was purchased from a convenience store and a gas station near Murphysboro. 

In the Illinois Lottery The Illinois Lottery, a $4.4 million Mega Millions ticket was sold at the Circle K store on North 14th Street. 

The lucky participant got all five numbers right as well as triggered Megaplier on the November 9th, Tuesday drawing. 

These winning numbers include 5-13, 29-38, 59. The winner will have an entire year following the time of draw to claim their prize.

Lottery officials urge winners to note their name on the back of their ticket and keep it in a secure place until they're ready to take their winnings. 

Another winner is the shop where the ticket was bought. In addition, the Circle K store will receive an additional $10,000 bonus which is 1 percent of the prize

Next Mega Millions drawing is Friday 11 November between 10 and 11 p.m. The prize, now to be won, is estimated to be $189 million.