3 reasons the Cowboys can beat the Vikings in Week 11

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Author - joshai

It's not long before you get a little sloppy which is what players like the Dallas Cowboys are seeing in the present when they're being probed after a violent loss to their rivals the Green Bay Packers in Week 10 

The good thing is that it could be the case that is that they'll be able to prove worthy once more if they are able to beat Minnesota Vikings in Week 11. Minnesota Vikings in Week 11. 

Minnesota is among the top teams that are currently in the league with an overall record of 8-1 

And they've just clinched victory against The Buffalo Bills. However, there's no reason to believe that Dallas could not win this game 

Actually, there are plenty of good reasons to believe that they could rebound and we'll look into three of them right immediately. 

With a record of 8-1 at the time, the Vikings are just a few points behind them and the Eagles for the most successful performance in the NFL however, they've faced two close calls in a row. 

Minnesota has escaped Washington by winning 20-17 in Week 9 and beat their opponents the Buffalo Bills 33-30 in Week 10