$2 billion Powerball jackpot winner: The 3 smartest moves to make first—and 1 thing to avoid

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Author - joshai

One winning ticket to the $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot -one of the biggest ever to be won to be won in the U.S 

was auctioned off at Altadena, California, lottery officials announced on Tuesday 

The windfall, however, is enough to afford an island for a private party or even a sporting team, managing money is not as simple as it may appear 

Actually, those who win the lottery have a higher risk of most likely file for bankruptcy within the next three up to 5 years than the typical American, according to an academic study from 2011 

To maximize the potential of a lottery winning financial planners suggest doing these things first 

1. Keep it quiet 2. Get professional financial advice 3. Consider the lump sum payout 4.One mistake to avoid: Overestimating your wealth

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