How to Delete cred account ultimate guide 2022

How to Delete cred account, With regards to covering credit card bills, there isn’t anything that comes near Cred. Be it auto reimbursements or prize focuses, Cred has reformed the manner in which individuals cover their credit card bills.

All things considered, utilizing an outsider to cover your credit card bills build the gamble as you share basic individual data with any association other than your bank. Not just this, utilizing an installment entryway to make installments could cause errors as installments could stall out in the installment door.

Despite the fact that Cred offers a ton of safety by utilizing 256-cycle encryption and follows the PCI DSS standard, each association can hack, and being forced to bear such an assault can be horrendous.

So assuming you imagine that the cons of utilizing Cred offset the advantages, you can erase your Cred account.

Prior to erasing your account on Cred, it is critical to realize that an account can’t be erased assuming there are remarkable debates or unsettled claims on your account or card.

How to Delete Cred account?

To erase your Cred account, you need to contact Cred’s client administrations since it is absolutely impossible to erase an account utilizing the application. To erase your account open the application on your gadget and follow the means given underneath.

How to Delete Cred account?

  •  Click on cards to see all your credit cards on the application.
  • Select the oversee tab in the upper right corner.
  • Click on converse with us

How to erase the Cred account?

  • Click on different issues in the help segment
  • Click on Other Account Issues
  • Click on Erase account or card
  • Click on Erase account to begin speaking with Cred’s client care chiefs
  • Whenever you have finished the means given above and given an affirmation to erase your account, your Cred account will be erased.

In the event that you erase your Cred account, you can not get to any information which was related to the account. All things considered, you can make another account on Cred if you have any desire to utilize its administrations once more.

How to deactivate your Cred account?

If you assume you need to quit utilizing Cred benefits for a brief time, you can deactivate your account as opposed to erasing it. This will safeguard every one of the information Cred has put away about you, and you can reactivate the account at whatever point you please.

To deactivate your account, you need to follow the means referenced above in the manual for erasing the Cred account. In any case, rather than asking the client care chief to erase your account, you’d need to demand they deactivate your account.

How to reactivate your Cred account?

On the off chance that you have a deactivated Cred account, you can reactivate it by sending an email to You can place in a comparative solicitation for deactivating or erasing the Cred account, but with a changed headline.

Here is a layout that you can use to reactivate your account


Subject: Solicitation to reactivate my Cred account

Email Body:


I thusly solicitation to reactivate my Cred account. Here are my account credentials

Email: <Your email ID connected to Cred >

Mobile number: <Your portable number connected to Cred>

Deactivation date:

Much obliged to you.

<Your Name>

Likewise, you can reactivate your account by opening the Cred application on your gadget and tapping on the help choosing. This will divert you to a visit where you can demand reactivation.

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