How to create account in taka tak with easy steps 2022

Today we are talking about how to create account in taka tak? How Do I create a full profile in Mx TakaTak

Hey and welcome to the world of friends. my name is Bhavesh and today I’ve provided fantastic information for you. Today, I will show you how to set up an account with the Max Taka Tak App and as well, and I will explain how to set up your profile. Also, dear readers, you should take the time to read this article completely.

How Do I Download

Friends To download the Max Taka Tak app, you need to visit Google Play Store and search MX TakaTak made for India Quick Video App and you’ll find the app. You can download the app from there.

How Do I Login to Mx TakaTak?

Friends After downloading this application, you need to open it. upon opening, you will be presented with a similar interface to Tiktok There you will see the option “I Click on it, then, if you’d like to log in with the account you have on Facebook or Gmail, and then log in with it.

Tx Me Apni Mx Profile Ka Complete Setup, Kaise Kare? Also, you will have the option to choose a phone number, if you wish to sign in with it, then you can do so by using it. There is no possibility that you will lose your password login using an account number. Since we often forget Facebook and Gmail.

Login using a phone number: Friends, you need choose to select the option using a phone number, and then you need to enter the number. Then, after entering the number the OTP will be sent to that number. The OTP must be entered, and then click Continue. Then you will have your own account set up.

Gender: Friends, you now be able to choose to suck gender. However, if you’re a male, then suck the male, and when you’re female and you are female, then suck the female. Then click Next.

Birthdate: Dear friends Now you have the option of adding your birthdate. You must include your birth date in this. After you have added your birth date, you don’t need to reveal your birth date to anyone else, and you will see a choice below to remove Birthday from your profile. This feature must be activated. Now, you must click Next.

Taka Tak ID: – Friends, now you’ll be able to create an account with your Taka Tak ID, enter the name you would like in order to establish the Taka Tak ID, if the name was previously used, then you need to modify it. After you have entered the name, you will need to click the “single-up” button. When you click, you’ll be informed that you need to use the same name as you won’t be able to change your name in up to 180 days. You must click Update then your new account is created.

Upload DP: Friends To upload your profile picture you must click on the link of Me. You will be presented with the option to upload your photo there then click on it. If you’d like to upload a new image click on it and then select the option to take a picture and gallery if you’d like to upload it from there, click the gallery option. After pressing the image there, you will be able to upload an image on your profile.

Name: friends, you now can see the option to write your name in the photo. There is a place to write down your personal name. If you click on that, you will be asked to write your name and select save.

Region: Friends, you now have selected the region that is on your profile. Once the region selection option is given you to click it and then suck it into the place you reside.

Bio Friends, you are now required to create a Bio and for this, you’ll have the option to add Bio. Click on it to create your bio. Friends you are able to add your interests in your bio, such as the case may be if you’re a musician or model, or poet. Beyond that, you are able to add anything you want to. When you’re done editing your bio, the possibility to save is available Click there and the bio you created will now be updated.

Friends, your profile and account are complete. Today, we have learned how to set up your account using the Max Taka Tuck App and how to finish the setup of your profile. If you’re interested in this info, make sure to pass it on to your family and friends.

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Conclusion: If you discover a mistake you can inform us in the comment section. Also, bookmark the site to access the latest information. Thank you!

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