how to create account in josh app with easy steps 2022

Welcome, and greetings to all my friends today I’ve shared wonderful information with you. Today, I will tell you how to create account in josh app and how you set up your profile in a complete way. For complete details, make sure to go through this article until the close.

How to Download App:–

Friends If you want to download the Josh application, you will need to visit the Playstore and then search using the search bar. Josh Made by India • Short video App. Once you will see the app. You will need to download the app.

How to Login to Josh App:

Friends, once you have downloaded this application, you can open it and log in. To log in, you’ve been offered the option to log in with Account (Me) on the right of the screen, just click it, and you won’t have the option of Facebook or Gmail within it. It is necessary to log in with the phone number.

Login using the phone number friends, you’ve been given the option of including a phone number you want to use, just enter the phone number. After entering the number you will receive an OTP will be sent to this number. That OTP is required to enter within this app. Then, your account will be established.

How to set up profile How to Setup Profile

Friends, once you have created accounts, you will need to create your profile. to do this, you’ve been shown an icon with three dots. Click on it. After clicking on it, you must click on the menu option that says edit your profile.

Add Photo: Friends, you’ve been provided with the option of adding an image to the gallery, select it, then following that, if you wish to add a new image by taking one, remove the option to take photos. If you’d like to delete the image from the gallery, click the option to select a photo. Give all permissions and then you’ll see the pictures in your gallery and you can suck the image you wish to include and your image can be included.

User Name: Friends, you’ll get the option to choose your username under the add photo options, where you will need to enter your name. Click on that and then write your name.

Josh ID: Friends, you’ve been offered the choice of Josh ID under the username. When you click on it, you can write on the top of your Josh ID you wish to keep. Friends, you can’t alter this name in thirty days. Take a moment to think about this and note the name.

BIO: Friends, you have the option to add your bio in the lower right corner of the Josh ID. To create your bio, you need to enter it in the box and then add your bio like you were a YouTuber, and then add your channel’s name and if you’re singing, compose a professional-quality singer’s bio If you’re an athlete, you can write about a dancer. If you’d like to maintain your professional bio, you are able to keep it as well. You can create your bio in up to 80 characters.

Friends, once you have added your bio, you’ll be given the option of saving the above. Click that and you will save your account. Friends, your profile and account are complete.

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